Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer &
OEM Service Provider

Itsuwa Electron is a Chinese professional manufacturer and supplier of e cigarette. We are mainly focusing on producing healthy and eco-friendly quit-smoking products including ego e cigarette, disposable e cigarette, mini Protank clearomizer and e cigarette kit. We also supply electronic cigarette accessories such as ego battery, ego carry case, e liquid, USB charger and wall charger, etc. Moreover, our production process has been certified by ISO9001/ISO13485 quality management system, and our electronic cigarette products have been approved by CE and RoHS for ensured safety. Furthermore, we also offer standardized production, as well as OEM and ODM services. As a sincere business partner, we are looking forward to your cooperation.

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  • Market Expansion
  • Highly devoted to being the top grade supplier of e cigarette in the world, we deploy our production process in compliance with highest standard. Our reputation has been built on comprehensive service and the capability to produce electronic vaping device that fits a variety of tastes.

Shenzhen Itsuwa Electron Co., Ltd.

Add.: Floor 4, Building 6, Hengchangrong High-Tech Park, Zone 3, Hangtian Yangbei Industrial Zone, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China
Tel.: +86-755-82592829
Mobile Phone: +86-18676783103 (Andyeo Zhong)
+86-13632971853 (Jasmin Guo)

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  • Things you need to know
    1. Nice and slow
    As for newcomers, we suggest not to inhale too hard. Otherwise, this will lead to no vapor generation and e-liquid leakage, because there is no sufficient time for atomizer to vaporize the e-liquid. However, you will be free from leakage problem if you choose cartridge. Therefore, nice and slow inhaling delivers better vaping experience.