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808d cartomizer is advantageous in several ways, and provides vapers with another choice for electronic cigarette. This disposable atomizer is easy to use, for it eliminates the need for frequent refills. It can hold up to 1ml e-liquid, providing as many puffs as possible. Moreover, benefitting from advanced technology we use, you are free from burnt taste, leakage and being clogged, so as to enjoy the feel of a regular cigarette as close as possible.

This cartomizer is varied in colors and e-liquids. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we offer an extensive range of colors and flavors to cater to your discerning taste. The e-liquid is purchased from Hangsen and Dekang for ensured quality and stable price. In addition, there are more than 200 kinds of flavors for you to choose from. Each flavor has 4 to 5 variations of nicotine contents. Nevertheless, if your order volume meets out standard, we can adopt your preferred e-liquid brand.

Furthermore, our disposable cartomizer has warranty of 2 months. The threaded tank type falls into 808d-1 and 808d-3. The length of our cartomizer differs from 35mm to 40mm. As for orders in large volume, the thread type is allowed to be customable to fit your needs.

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