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808d clearomizer is a new kind of clear cartomizer, and since it is translucent, you can see how much e-liquid is left. This coilcartomizer allows for repeated refills to reduce your cost. Thanks to latest technology, our e-cigarette cartomizer eliminates annoying problems such as leakage, burnt taste and being clogged. Therefore, you are provided with the ultimate equivalent of a regular cigarette.

The translucent tank of this clearomizer is available in 7 different colors, and you can make selections in accordance with your personal preference. In addition to appearance, we also offer over 200 flavor variations covering 4 to 5 different nicotine contents for each kind of e-liquid which is supplied by Hangsen and Dekang. Nevertheless, if your order volume meets our standard, we can adopt brands you like.

We pack our product in candy wrapper. There are 5 pieces in one cart box, and 10 boxes compose one carton. We offer 3-month warranty to this recyclable clearomizer. The thread type of the tank is divided into 808d-1 and 808d-3. Again, we offer custom service if the volume of your order meets our requirement.

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