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Series E Cigarette

S808 series e cigarette is the primary type coming in same appearance and size as a traditional cigarette. This kind of electronic vaping device is renowned for two features which are rechargeable battery and disposable cartridge. The rechargeable battery drastically reduces expenses and brings minimal damage to environment. On the other hand, the disposable cartridge realizes smoking implements in a healthy and cost effective manner.

In addition to these two characteristics, our e cigarette is also highly distinguished by ensured quality. We are the export of personal vaporizer, and our production process has been certified by ISO9001/ISO13485 quality management system. Our quit-smoking product is approved by CE and RoHS. As a result, this series has been amazingly recognized for years, and is exported to various countries and regions including America, Italy, France, Russia, Poland, Spain, Arab and Southeast Asia.

By 2013, we have been focusing on manufacture of e cigarette for over 3 years, during which remarkable productivity is obtained. Generally, each month, we are capable of producing
200,000 sets of 808d e-cigarette kits
200,000 sets of ego clearomizers
3,000,000 pieces of 808 disposable atomizers
500,000 808 batteries
500,000 sets of ego clearomizers
400,000 pieces of ego batteries
400,000 pieces of disposable e cigarettes
3,000,000 pieces of heating element

Apart from standard production, we also offer OEM and ODM services to fit your specific needs. Moreover, we are planning to set agents in these sales regions, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested or have any questions. We will response within 20 hours.

    1. 808d E Cigarette KitOur 808d e cigarette kit provides every feature you expect. This electronic vaping pack is the perfect combination of sophistication, advanced technology and ease of use.
    1. 808d CartomizerThis disposable atomizer is easy to use, for it eliminates the need for frequent refills. It can hold up to 1ml e-liquid, providing as many puffs as possible. Moreover, benefitting from advanced technology we use, you are free from burnt taste, leakage and being clogged, so as to enjoy the feel of a regular cigarette as close as possible.
    1. 808d ClearomizerFurthermore, we apply advanced technology to the metal housing, providing no welded points. As a result, this quit-smoking product is free from leakage problem and delivers minimal impact to environment.
    1. 808d E Cigarette BatteryThis 3.7V lithium battery can be charged for 300 times, and comes with 6-month warranty. We pack 4 batteries into one EVA package which is put into one black box.
    1. S809 E CigaretteThis electronic simulated cigarette is born with 1.0ml e-liquid capacity, resulting in plenty puffs. Color selection is various so as to fit your personal preference. Flavors of e-liquid are available in more than 200 kinds, and each type of e-liquid differs in 4 to 5 kinds of nicotine contents.