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Wat-Hookah E Cigarette Kit

The wat-hookah E cigarette kit is one of the patented products developed by our company. It is designed in the shape of hookah. The raw materials for the E-cig kit, including the battery cell, are purchased from the superior suppliers in Shenzhen, such as HGB, EVE, etc.

The electronic cigarette will make a sound like continuous water dripping during smoking. The sound on and off can be switched through three times of continuous smoking. In addition to the tower-shaped atomizer, the connection of the mouthpiece and the tube makes for the attractive appearance of the product. To eliminate E-liquid leakage and smell of scorching, we ceaselessly improve the heating coil of the wat-hookah E cigarette kit. Attractive and practical, our nicotine-free electronic cigarette is sure to bring users unforgettable smoking experience.

1 atomizer (2.2ohm)
1 wat-hookah battery (1300mAh)
1 USB charger with cable
2 pieces of coil head
1 exclusive gift box

Specifications of Wat-Hookah E Cigarette Kit
Atomizer 2.5ml tower-shaped
Atomizer Length 71mm
Battery Automatic working
Battery Capacity 1300mAh
Battery Size 148mm
Battery Output Power 3.2V-4.0V
Puffs 1000
Battery Color 14

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