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Evod E Cigarette Kit

This Evod e cigarette kit is the MT3 metal electronic cigarette. The metal housing is featured with a wide range of colors and laser carving patterns, thus delivering intuitive metal feel. Moreover, the cartomizer comes with a window and graduated marks, allowing customers to see how much e-liquid is left just like the clearomizer.

The heat coil is placed at the bottom of this Evod e cigarette. It illuminates in red for working condition, simulating the feel of a regular cigarette as close as possible. Furthermore, we apply advanced technology to the metal housing, providing no welded points. As a result, this quit-smoking product is free from leakage problem and delivers minimal impact to environment.

This e cigarette pack has unbelievable e-liquid efficiency. 1.6ml e-liquid gives customers almost 800 puffs! Normally, regular atomizer needs 3ml to offer the same performance.

Evod e cigarette kit contents
1 MT3 cartomizer (options: 2.4 / 2.8ohms)
1 Evod battery (options: 650 / 900 / 1100mah)
1 USB with wire

Evod battery capacity 650mAh 900mAh 1100mAh
Battery size 71mm 81mm 91mm
Time for fully charged 1.5 to 2.0h 2 to 2.5h 2.5 to 3h
Puffs at fully charged 700 to 900 1000 to 1100 1200 to 1300
Color of mouthpiece on cartomizer Transparent mouthpiece
Cartomizer capacity 2.4ml
Color of battery and MT3 e cigarette Black, purple, green, red, yellow, stainless steel and white

Note on charging
The battery comes in fully charged condition when you receive the kit. After the battery power is off, the first charging time is suggested to be over 8 hours, so as to activate the battery capacity. Nevertheless, 3 hours is sufficient enough for the battery charging thereafter.

This product is compatible with general power supply and USB charger. You can use USB wire to connect the battery with you computer USB port. The indicator light on the USB adapter will flash 3 times to indicate the charging is on. The light glows in red for charging, and glows in green for being fully charged.

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