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ITS E-Cigarette Kit

1.Best Slim E-Cigarette, E-Cig ITS II atomizer vape
2.A slim body: Matches the 9.2mm E-Cigarette battery
3.It heats from the bottom, which means there is no burnt taste.
4.The tip is a metal drip tip.
5.It matches 808d battery 180/230/250mAh
6.This is an Itsuwa patented item, so it does not leak, there is no burnt taste, and has a smooth airflow.

Place of origin Guangdong China
Model Itsuwa ITS 2 electronic cigarette
Capacity 1ml atomizer
Diameter 9.2mm atomizer
Length 58 mm
Battery 808D battery 180/230/250 mAh
Coil bottom coil atomizer
Matched battery 808/510/4081 thread
Drip tip Metal round drip tip
Color 7 Colors: Red, Burgundy, Purple, Green, Gold, Black and Stainless
Package 5 pcs atomizers in a small box
Warranty 6 months
Certification CE, ROHS, ISO9001, GMP, TUV, etc
Workshop Dust-free workshop; 6,000 square meters factory
Manufacture 7-year manufacturing experience
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