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I-Queen E Cigarette Kit

I-Queen e cigarette kit is characterized by the utilization of dry-cell battery. Nevertheless, the dry-cell battery is put into the main battery unit for operational mode. As for charging, you need to remove the dry-cell battery out of the main battery unit.

This 18350 battery appears in pear shape with 1200mAH of battery capacity. The eGo thread is placed on the top, delivering aesthetic touch. There is also a lock/unlock safety feature, whereby you can lock the battery by pressing the battery switch 5 times in quick succession.

I-Queen e cigarette kit contents
1 I-Queen cartomizer (1.5ohm)
1 pear-shaped battery unit
1 18350 dry-cell battery
1 18350 dry-cell battery charger
2 additional coil heads
1 I-Queen exclusive package box

Instruction on battery use
This quit-smoking product adopts pear-shaped battery holder. As for optional mode, you just simply screw down the bottom of the battery holder, insert 18350 dry-cell battery into the holder, and screw back up the bottom cover.

Instruction on charging
As for battery charge, you need to get the dry-cell battery out of the battery holder. Then you want to put the 18350 dry-cell battery into the charger for charging.

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