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Smart Igo E Cigarette Kit

Smart igo e cigarette kit is highly renowned for inductive charging. This feature enables customers to get rid of USB connection. You only need to put the personal vaporizer vertically on the inductive charger for charging. Furthermore, the charging process can be done even with cartomizer on, offering remarkable convenience.

The battery in this electronic cigarette gift pack is fitted with LCD display, showing smoked puffs and used battery. The streamlined threads on the top deliver an exquisite glamour in a holistic approach. Moreover, for the sack of your safety, we offer the 5-click locking system that allows you to press the button 5 times in a row to lock the battery.

Smart igo e cigarette kit contents
2 I-Queen cartomizers (1.5ohms)
2 smart igo battery (options: 650 / 900 / 1100mah)
1 wall charger available in American gauge, English gauge and European gauge
1 inductive charger
2 additional coil heads
1 smart-igo exclusive package box

Battery capacity 650mAh 900mAh 1100mAh
Battery diameter 19mm 19mm 19mm
Battery size 95mm 105mm 115mm
Time for fully charged 1.5 to 2.0h 2 to 2.5h 2.5 to 3h
Puffs at fully charged 700 to 900 1000 to 1100 1200 to 1300
Package size: 178 × 110 × 45mm
Net weight: 300
300g 320g 335g
Color of mouthpiece on cartomizer Colorful round mouthpiece, interchangeable with T9 and T10
Cartomizer capacity 3.0ml
Housing color Transparent white, transparent blue, transparent black, transparent purple, transparent yellow, transparent green and transparent red

Instruction on smart igo battery
This is an intelligent battery and the working condition is started with the device is switched on. To switch on the device, you need to press the switch button 5 times in quick succession within 3 seconds. You do the same thing to switch off the e cigarette.

There is no need to switch off if you don’t smoke in quite a while, because there is no energy consumption. In addition, the switched-mode power supply is manually controlled, and you need to press the button to smoke.

Instruction on battery charging
Smart igo battery adopts the inductive charging technology. When your electronic cigarette is power off, you simply connect the inductive charger with power supply and the light glows in blue. Then you put your battery-powered cigarette into the charging slot vertically, resulting in the light turns into red. When the light turns back into color blue, indicating the battery is fully charged.

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