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I-PO E Cigarette Battery

I-PO e cigarette battery shows more excellence in term of ease of use and output voltage control, comparing to normal battery. This electronic cigarette accessory comes in similar shape with normal dry-cell battery on markets. Therefore, battery replacement can be amazingly convenient.

There is an electric circuit inside the battery for intelligent voltage control. On the basis of fixed resistance of cartomizer, the output voltage intuitively influences the amount of vapor. Grounded on the voltage range from 0 to 6V, our 2200mAh battery is the initial factor for the e cigarette to simulate more vivid feel of a regular cigarette.

I-PO e cigarette battery is fitted with a LED display, showing smoked puffs and time for each puff. The time choice falls into 5s, 8s, 10s and 15s. Moreover, this accommodating product allows for current time and date setting.

In order to realize highly accurate control of output voltage, we place a button on the side of battery. Each press brings 0.1V more to current output voltage. The whole process is showed on the LED display, so that you can choose the very specific voltage to enjoy the most appropriate vapor.

Additionally, in order to maintain high precision and durable performance, out e cigarette battery is equipped with short-circuit protection, discharge and over-charge protection, as well as switch protection. As a result, the lifespan of cartomizer is also prolonged.

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