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Soft Cartomizer

808d soft cartomizer is manufactured with latest technology, thus customers are free from annoying e-liquid leakage problem. We adopt plastic soft tube for the production of this e cigarette accessory, simulating the feel of a regular cigarette as close as possible.

This disposable atomizer has 1.0ml e-liquid capacity and 2-month warranty. We offer a wide range of colors and more than 200 flavors to catering to your discerning taste. Moreover, each kind of e-liquid varies in 4 to 5 different nicotine contents. Normally, we choose Hangsen and Dekang for the supply of e-liquid. However, if your order reaches our standard, we can adopt your preferred e-liquid for manufacture.

1. Threads fall into 808d-1 type and 808d-3 type, and can be customized when the amount of order meets our requirement.
2. The length comes as 35mm and 40mm.
3. The package is made up of aluminum. Each sheet contains 5 soft cartomizers, and one sheet goes into one small box. A medium box holds 10 small boxes.

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