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Protank Clearomizer

Protank clearomizer is fitted with Pyrex glass, thus offering outstanding thermal resistance. Since the cartomizer tank is transparent, you can always see how much e-liquid is left. Moreover, this e cigarette accessory comes with bottom coil, simulating amazingly vivid feel of a regular cigarette.

Protank clearomizer is manufactured with no welding applied. Therefore, you are free from leakage problem. Compared with normal cartomizer, our product reduces half of e-liquid consumption.

We offer ego quit-smoking product in a wide range of colors to cater to your taste. Furthermore, 3-month warranty is provided.

Color Transparent white, black, green, yellow, blue, red and purple
Capacity 4.0ml
Mouthpiece Black plastic
Outer diameter 19mm
Total length 68mm
Weight 55g
Value of resistance 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm
Thread mode 510, ego
Applicable battery model 510 / ego / ego-t / ego-twist / ego LCD / ego USB

Instruction on e-liquid refill
1. Make the protank clearomizer upside down
2. Screw the bottom part in anticlockwise
3. The e-liquid ejector aims at the side wall of the tank, because the middle is the air outlet. It is forbidden to put e-liquid into the outlet, otherwise there will be leakage.
4. Fill two thirds of the tank with e-liquid
5. Screw the bottom part back on
6. Connect the battery with this clearomizer for smoking implement

Protank clearomizer kit contents
1 protank transparent clearomizer
1 protank coil head
1 ego-v3 adapter
1 protank gift package box

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