New E Cigarette

New e cigarette implies that there are some prominent features added on the basis of superior properties from the old models of quit-smoking products. Nevertheless, new features are meant to facilitate your accustomed vaping routine, rather than changing.

We adopt clearomizer with graduated markings so that you know how much e-liquid left, and enable you to refill the tank in an easier manner. Moreover, the food-grade PC material makes our electronic vaping device much more durable and healthier, as well as bringing less impact to environment.

Compared to normal atomizer, our clearomizer offers less e-liquid consumption, because we utilize advanced technology with no welded points to ensure no leakage. Furthermore, our e cigarette delivers no burnt taste and clogging problem, and simulates the feel of a regular cigarette as close as possible.

Additionally, we are the export in manufacture of e cigarette. Our employees are highly dedicated to innovation and new personal vaporizer development upon which our reputation has been built. Based on increasing needs from markets, our company launches 2 to 3 new products per month on average. Moreover, we have applied patents for some new products.

    1. Amigo E Cigarette Kit1.2200 mAh EVOD twist vapor mod battery
      2.Variable wattage, voltage and resistance.
      3.Carbon Fiber, Cameo and Stainless steel
      4.Match 510 thread atomizer. For example: Protank and multi-functional 1981-TS
    1. Chain Reaction E Cigarette Kit1.Large Capacity: 4000 mAh/3.7V, high rate cylindrical lithium cell 26650
      2.American Engineer’s idea
      3.It has a smoking button to control the well.
      4.The LED screen displays the wattage, resistance, voltage and energy.
    1. ITS E Cigarette Kit1.Best Slim E-Cigarette, E-Cig ITS II atomizer vape
      2.A slim body: Matches the 9.2mm E-Cigarette battery
      3.It heats from the bottom, which means there is no burnt taste.
      4.The tip is a metal drip tip.
    1. Jigantor E Cigarette Kit1.Carbon fiber battery tube: gives a more appealing design and durability.
      2.Airflow holes at the bottom thread dissipate heat
      3.Red bronze is used for all connections to improve the conductivity.
      4.The cap on the magnetic bottom button is locked/opened by twisting the bottom material screw.
    1. 1981-TS Atomizer KitParticularly, the atomizer kit is manufactured with adjustable vent hole for smooth airflow. Both single and double heating coils are suitable for this E-cigarette atomizer.
    1. Wat-Hookah E Cigarette KitTo eliminate E-liquid leakage and smell of scorching, we ceaselessly improve the heating coil of the wat-hookah E cigarette kit.
    1. Tango E Cigarette KitThe large amount of smog produced and the smooth airflow, as well as the colourful battery, make users feel like smoking a real cigarette.
    1. 808D E Cigarette Kit with Transparent ClearomizerThis electronic cigarette is highly recognized by its cone shape. Benefited from 8 years of experience in manufacture of electronic vaping device, our professional technicians are capable of catering to discerning requirements on both cigarette appearance and performance.
    1. E-smart E Cigarette KitThis electronic vaping device pack is greatly accepted by its aesthetic appearance and high portability. Its clearomizer utilizes resistance wire and allows for refills, wherein 1.3ml for each refill.
    1. Evod E Cigarette KitFurthermore, we apply advanced technology to the metal housing, providing no welded points. As a result, this quit-smoking product is free from leakage problem and delivers minimal impact to environment.
    1. I-Queen E Cigarette KitThere is also a lock/unlock safety feature, whereby you can lock the battery by pressing the battery switch 5 times in quick succession.
    1. Smart Igo E Cigarette KitThe battery in this electronic cigarette gift pack is fitted with LCD display, showing smoked puffs and used battery. The streamlined threads on the top deliver an exquisite glamour in a holistic approach.
    1. One piece E Cigarette Kit in Blister PackThe transparent tank is fitted with graduated marks so that you can see how much e-liquid is left. Compared with normal cartomizer, our transparent cartomizer is born with easier refilling and larger e-liquid capacity which is 3.5ml.
    1. I-PO E Cigarette BatteryI-PO e cigarette battery is fitted with a LED display, showing smoked puffs and time for each puff. The time choice falls into 5s, 8s, 10s and 15s. Moreover, this accommodating product allows for current time and date setting.
    1. 808d Soft CartomizerThis disposable atomizer has 1.0ml e-liquid capacity and 2-month warranty. We offer a wide range of colors and more than 200 flavors to catering to your discerning taste. Moreover, each kind of e-liquid varies in 4 to 5 different nicotine contents.
    1. Protank ClearomizerSince the cartomizer tank is transparent, you can always see how much e-liquid is left. Moreover, this e cigarette accessory comes with bottom coil, simulating amazingly vivid feel of a regular cigarette.
    1. Mini Protank ClearomizerThe outer diameter is only 14mm, and the e-liquid capacity is 2.5ml. The impressive feature is the rotary mouthpiece, offering remarkable angle diversity. Therefore, customers are benefiting from extraordinary enjoyment.
    1. MT3 ClearomizerThere is a small window on the tank showing the e-liquid content. Moreover, we adopt bottom coil for this e cigarette accessory to simulate vivid feel of a regular cigarette.
    1. I-Queen ClearomizerThis allows you to enjoy your vaping amazingly longer in-between refills. With the aid of graduated markings, e-liquid refilling cannot be easier. Nevertheless, you need to shake up this e cigarette accessory during vaping for better experience.