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Ego W V2 E Cigarette Kit

Ego w v2 e cigarette kit is the advanced version of ego w electronic cigarette gift pack. In this kit, we make some modifications to the design of ego cartomizer to produce more vapor. Moreover, we place a light inside the tank which illuminates when vaping. The optional light color falls into blue and red.

Ego w v2 e cigarette kit contents
2 ego w v2 cartomizers
2 ego t batteries (options: 650 / 900 / 1100mAh)
1 wall charger (options: American / UK / European gauge)
1 USB with wire
1 empty e-liquid dropper bottle in 10ml
1 gift box

Ego battery capacity 650mAh 900mAh 1100mAh
Battery length 52mm 67mm 77mm
Time for fully charged 1.5 to 2.0h 2 to 2.5h 2.5 to 3h
Puffs at fully charged 700 to 900 1000 to 1100 1200 to 1300
Color of mouthpiece on cartomizer Plastic mouthpiece in black color
Cartomizer capacity 1.6 to 2.0ml
Housing color Black, white, pink, titanium, stainless steel, red, blue, purple and green

Instruction on e-liquid refill
1. Unscrew the cap
2. Remove the metal housing
3. Fill two thirds of the tank with e-liquid from the side
4. Remove back the metal housing and the cap
5. Connect cartomizer with battery to vape

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