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Ego E Cigarette

Ego e cigarette is the blend of enhanced technology and sophistication. This personal vaporizer shows the best in terms of e-liquid efficiency, because our CE4 clearomizer series is the industry-proven solution.

Our clearomizer virtually utilizes 1.6ml e-liquid to produce puffs as many as the amount produced by other product using 3ml e-liquid. Nevertheless, please remember to shake up the electronic vaping device during operation for better utilization of e-liquid.

Our ego e cigarette is manufactured with advanced welding technology with no welded points. As a result, problems like being clogged or leakage are avoided. Moreover, there are graduated markings on the tube, assisting you with e-liquid refilling.

Instruction on battery use
The battery is an intelligent device, so its operation requires that the e cigarette is powered on. To switch on the cigarette, you need to press the button 5 times in a row within 3 seconds, and you do the same to switch off the device.

Ego series are all manually controlled, and you need to press the switch button for vaping implement. What’s more, if the time for standby isn’t too long, then there is no need to switch off the battery-powered device, because no energy consumption created.

Instruction on battery charging
The battery comes in fully charged condition, and charging happens after all power is consumed. The first charging cycle is required to be over 8 hours so as to fully activate the battery capacity. Hereafter, the average charging time is only 3 hours.

The power can either use residential electrical supply, or can be supplied by computer using USB port and wire. As for USB charging, the indicator light on USB charger flashes 3 times to indicate that the charging is on. Then the light stays in red during the whole charging process. When the charging is done, the light turns into green color.

    1. Ego CE4 E Cigarette in Blister PackEgo CE4 e cigarette in blister pack is characterized by its high e-liquid efficiency. We utilize this unique CE4 clearomizer to make the best use out of e-liquid, so as to make your expense more profitable.
    1. Ego CE4 Double KitEgo CE4 double kit is virtually the king size package of ego quit-smoking products. Based on our rich experience collected through years, this pack is the blend of latest technology and practical value. Therefore, it is the ultimate gift choice for your vaping friends.
    1. Ego CE4 Single KitEgo CE4 single kit is the scaled-down version of ego CE4 e cigarette double pack, and this pack contains following contents.
    1. Ego W V2 E Cigarette Kit In this kit, we make some modifications to the design of ego cartomizer to produce more vapor. Moreover, we place a light inside the tank which illuminates when vaping. The optional light color falls into blue and red.