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Disposable E Cigarette

S19 disposable e cigarette is the combination of stainless steel tube and soft pipe. This healthy vaping device is renowned for its food-grade PC cigarette tube. The battery capacity is 280mAh and comes in length of 118mm, thus offering sufficient power supply for 500 puffs which is equivalent to 2 packs of regular cigarette.

Our disposable e cigarette is available in a wide variety of colors to fit your specific requirements. Moreover, this better alternative to traditional cigarette smoking is certified by CE and RoHS, so you can enjoy safer and healthier vaping experience.

Battery capacity 280mAh
Dimension Diameter: 9.2mm, length: 118mm
Puffs of single cigarette 500
Net weight
Pack weight:
Cartridge color Various choices including black, white, green and yellow, etc.
Cartridge capacity 1.02ml
Housing color Black, white and stainless steel
Pack size 12.3 × 142.6mm
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