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Disposable E Cigarette

H6-Z disposable e cigarette has been extensively sold on overseas markets for a variety of reasons. First, it is healthy. Each quit-smoking product comes with premium flavor and is tobacco-smoke free, so there are no over 4000 kinds of chemicals contained in regular cigarette such as nicotine.

Moreover, it is cost effective. This kind of non rechargeable electronic cigarette is equal to 3 packs of traditional cigarettes for it gives 500 puffs. What’s more, we offer a huge range of flavors for you to choose. Therefore, you are getting the most out of your expense.

This disposable e cigarette not only can help you stop harmful tobacco smoking, but also enhance your social image. On the other hand, this electronic vaping device has already been a fashion icon, so it is also an ideal choice for gift selections.

Battery capacity 280mAh
Dimension Diameter: 9.2mm, length: 125mm
Puffs of single cigarette 500
Net weight:
Pack weight:
Cartridge color Various choices including black, white, green and yellow, etc.
Cartridge capacity 1.02ml
Housing color Black, white and stainless steel
Pack size 12.3 × 142.6mm
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