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Disposable E Cigarette

Disposable e cigarette implies the limit lifespan, because its battery and cartomizer is combined together. Nevertheless, this kind of electronic vaping device is highly distinguished by its mini appearance and amazing vapor amount.

1. No burning

This battery-powered cigarette doesn’t burn for vaping, resulting in no fire hazards. Moreover, it is designed to simulate the taste and feel of a regular cigarette as close as possible. Therefore, you don’t have to change your accustomed routine and you can enjoy vaping anywhere at anytime.

2. Quit-smoking
Although being the equivalent of a regular cigarette, our disposable e cigarette delivers health, because there is no tar or other chemical substances contained. What’s more, if you follow our scientific procedures, you will get rid of harmful smoking habit.

3. Ensured quality
We know that the battery is the key part for personal vaporizer. Therefore, we adopt high-ranking battery cell from Desay and HGB which are Top 100 enterprises in Chinese electronic industry. As a result, our battery offers superior power supply, no leakage problem and 6-month warranty. However, this kind of battery is disposable and cannot be recharged.

Our disposable e cigarette is available in models of S18, S19, S7885, H6 and H8, variable in specifications. Up to now, our product has been highly recognized in America, UK and France. It appears as a new fashion icon replacing the regular cigarette. Based on its quit-smoking feature, a promising future is now promised.

    1. S18 Disposable E CigaretteS18 disposable e cigarette is the best choice for newcomers. This mini electronic cigarette comes in simple package with no compromise on delivering utmost vaping experience. As a result, you are getting the most out of what you pay.
    1. S7885 Disposable E CigaretteEach electronic cigarette gives about 200 puffs which is equivalent to 25 regular cigarettes. Moreover, the flavors and vapors it delivers are so fantastic that makes you kiss your tobacco cigarette goodbye.
    1. H8 Disposable E CigaretteWe place a crystal diamond on the end of this disposable e cigarette for aesthetic promotion. Moreover, each personal vaporizer contains 300 puffs, showing amazing advantage in terms of affordability and cost containment.
    1. S19 Disposable E CigaretteThis healthy vaping device is renowned for its food-grade PC cigarette tube. The battery capacity is 280mAh and comes in length of 118mm, thus offering sufficient power supply for 500 puffs which is equivalent to 2 packs of regular cigarette.
    1. H6-Z Disposable E CigaretteEach quit-smoking product comes with premium flavor and is tobacco-smoke free, so there are no over 4000 kinds of chemicals contained in regular cigarette such as nicotine.