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One Piece E Cigarette Kit

One piece e cigarette kit is also one of our patented vaping packs. We combine cartomizer and battery into one piece, delivering an elegant sense. The battery is placed inside the cartomizer, thus saving considerable room for more e-liquid. As a result, this quit-smoking product is highly distinguished by exceptional e-liquid capacity which reaches 3.5ml!

With the aid of advanced welding technology, there are no welded points left in the whole production process. No leakage, no e-liquid in mouth or being clogged, customers are provided with amazing vaping experience without the hassle. Thanks to prominent e-liquid capacity, the fabulous enjoyment lasts even longer.

Apparently, one piece battery is the fundamental element for the entire process. Our electronic cigarette battery comes with 280mAh battery capacity and is rechargeable. When the power is off, you just simply use USB wire to connect the bottom of our product with the power supply. The LED indicator light is in red to indicate the charging process, and the light goes off, implying the charging is done.

One piece e cigarette kit contents
1 onepiece (1.5ohm)
1 charger (options: American / UK / European gauge)
1 USB wire
3 additional coil heads
1 one piece exclusive gift box

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