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CE5 Clearomizer

CE5 clearomizer is distinguished by its excellence in terms of health. It simulates the regular cigarette in a harmless manner. This e cigarette accessory contains no hazardous substances such as tar. The smoke can only be felt by the vaper. As a result, there is absolutely no annoying second-hand smoke problem.

Moreover, our clearomizer is also a quit-smoking product. It helps you to get rid of tobacco smoking within an impressive period of time, requiring low level of self-control. For example, if you are a pack-a-day smoker and start to use our electronic vaping device, then you won’t need regular cigarette five days later. Based on constant use for one month, you are able to kiss harmful tobacco smoking goodbye.

Capacity 1.6ml
Color Transparent white, black, green, yellow, blue, red and purple
Color of mouthpiece Black plastic, transparent white, transparent black, transparent green, transparent yellow, transparent blue, transparent red and transparent purple
Diameter 14mm
Total length 75mm
Resistance value 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm
Thread mode 510, ego
Applicable battery model 510 / ego / ego-t / ego-twist / ego LCD / ego USB
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