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Clearomizer is the inevitable e cigarette accessory developed to cater to constantly increased requirements on electronic vaping device. The name implies that customers can directly see the inner structure and the content of e-liquid.

Our clearomizer consists of coil head, e-liquid container and mouthpiece. The coil head is the predominant part in this transparent cartomizer, because it generates vapor. Generally, our coil head is available in three kinds of resistance values that are 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm and 2.8ohm.

Moreover, in addition to transparency, a wide variety of color choices are provided to deliver stylish feel in a holistic approach. Normally, color choices fall into transparent white, transparent black, transparent red, transparent yellow, transparent purple, transparent blue and transparent green, etc.

Furthermore, mouthpiece is also available as black plastic type and metal type so as to fit your specific tastes. What’s more, plastic mouthpiece is allowed to be transparent color to match with the selected color of clearomizer.

Instruction of clearomizer filling
1. Pull out the silicon cap
2. Twist anti-clockwise to remove the mouthpiece
3. Fill e-liquid from the side wall of the clearomizer (Note: take care to not get liquid down the center tube or it will spill out of the bottom)
4. Fill up the tank below the safe graduated markings
5. Screw back in the mouthpiece

Please fill your CE4 clearomizer in the first place before vaping, for it is originally empty.

USB charger for e cigarette battery

    1. CE4 ClearomizerMoreover, this e cigarette accessory is transparent with graduated markings, whereby you can always tell how much e-liquid is left and have trouble-free liquid filling.
    1. CE5 Clearomizer It simulates the regular cigarette in a harmless manner. This e cigarette accessory contains no hazardous substances such as tar. The smoke can only be felt by the vaper. As a result, there is absolutely no annoying second-hand smoke problem.
    1. Vivi Nova ClearomizerVivi nova clearomizer is a transparent cartomizer with graduated markings, thus offering easy and fast e-liquid filling. Compared with normal atomizer, our e cigarette accessory is endowed with larger e-liquid capacity which is 2ml, resulting in much longer enjoyment.
    1. T Series ClearomizerThanks to advanced technology, you are free from annoying problems such as being clogged and burnt taste. Food-grade PC material is adopted for the production so as to maintain the product healthy and durable.