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Ego Battery

Our ego battery is mainly supplied by Desay, one of the most prestigious enterprises in Chinese battery industry. This 75400 battery model is highly differed by smaller internal resistance which is less than 79milliohm, and higher current which is more than 140mA to 150mA.

Instruction on battery use
This e cigarette battery is an intelligent device, so its operation requires to start the e cigarette in the first place. To switch on the electronic vaping device, you need to press the switch button 5 times in quick succession within 3 seconds. You do the same process to switch off the device.

After turning on, you don’t have to switch off the device if standby time is short, because there is no energy consumption. Moreover, the ego battery is manually switched on and off, so you have to press the on/off button for vaping implement.

Instruction on battery charging
Our ego battery is in fully charged condition when you purchase. After all power is consumed, you need to recharge the battery. For the very first charging cycle, we suggest the appropriate time is at least 8 hours, so as to fully activate the potential battery capacity. After the first cycle, the charging time is reduced to 3 hours.

The applicable power for charging is either residential electrical power supply, or utilizes USB wire to connect with USB port on your computer. The light indicator on USB wire is in red implying normal charging cycle, and turns into green color indicating the charging cycle is complete.

    1. Ego-t BatteryEgo-t battery appears as a rechargeable e cigarette battery. This 3.7V lithium battery has 300 recharging cycles and 6-month warranty.
    1. Ego Twist BatteryIn order for stable quality, we cooperate with Desay and HGB, Top 100 enterprises in Chinese electronic industry, for outstanding battery cell. As a result, our product out-performs its competitors in both battery life and power supply.
    1. Ego LCD BatteryThe battery cell of this e cigarette accessory is purchased from Desay and HGB, Top 100 enterprises in Chinese electronic industry. Therefore, our customers are provided with superior battery life and outstanding power supply.
    1. Ego USB BatteryThe charging port is placed at the bottom of this e cigarette battery. Customers are allowed to use the battery during charging cycle. Therefore, this e cigarette accessory is widely renowned for its versatility.