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E Liquid

Our e-liquid comes in over 200 kinds of flavors to cater to your discriminating taste. Tobacco cigarette flavors include Marlboro, Camel, Hilton, 555, Zhonghua, Huanghelou, Ruyan, etc. Fruit flavors are available in apple, banana, strawberry and cherry, etc. Moreover, other unique choices are also offered such as mint, cream and chocolate, etc. In addition to flavor diversity, nicotine content is also extensively variable from 0 to 26mg.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of electronic cigarette and accessory, we are able to provide OEM/ODM services to fit your needs. Our quit-smoking products are available as ego e cigarette, disposable e cigarette, new e cigarette and e-smart e cigarette kit, etc. Our e cigarette accessories include cartomizer, charger, e-liquid and wall charger, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

    1. Dekang E LiquidSince personal vaporizer came into being, Dekang has always emphasized on supplying more vivid and much safer e cig liquid to the world, as well as offering professional technology support to electronic cigarette manufacturers. Currently, more than 90% of cartridge ingredients available on markets worldwide are supplied by Dekang.
    1. Hangsen E LiquidHangsen e-liquid is manufactured with natural tobacco ingredients. This kind of cartridge ingredient delivers cigarette smoking sensation with no harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide.