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X-heater is one of our patented products. This e cigarette coil head is the initial component for clearomizer. It is the predominant factor that determines the quality of an electronic vaping device.

With the rapid development of electronic cigarette worldwide, people start to pay more and more attention to heat coil accordingly. This e cigarette accessory from our company stands out in terms of quality and appearance.

1. Ensured quality

We endeavor to maintain the production process in conformance with highest standards. We also have remarkable production capacity which reaches 3,000,000 pieces per month. As a result, our high quality X-heater has been highly recognized in Europe, North America and all countries in the Middle East.

2. More vapor generation
Compared to normal coil head, our product delivers more vapor.

3. Well conceived design
We place double fiber ropes inside to offer more heating, so one X-heater is equal to two normal coil heads.

4. Burnt taste free
More heating doesn’t bring burnt taste, even incorporating with voltage-adjustable batteries.

5. Impressive versatility
This heating device is compatible with all clearomizer models such as CE4, CE5, Vivi nova, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V7, etc.

Resistance value 1.5ohm
Dimension Length: 21mm, diameter: 8mm
Net weight 5g per piece
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