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Things you need to know
1. Nice and slow

As for newcomers, we suggest not to inhale too hard. Otherwise, this will lead to no vapor generation and e-liquid leakage, because there is no sufficient time for atomizer to vaporize the e-liquid. However, you will be free from leakage problem if you choose cartridge. Therefore, nice and slow inhaling delivers better vaping experience.

2. Angle remaining
Always keep an eye on the angle of e cigarette. Mouthpiece is supposed to be facing upwards while the other end inclining downwards. Vaping in beds isn’t suggested, because e-liquid will flow backwards and leak due to gravity.

However, if situation above happens, you simply need to remove the cartridge, and wipe off e-liquid on the mouthpiece and atomizer.

3. Keep battery robust
If the battery is low, then resulting in no sufficient vaporization and e-liquid would go into your mouth.

Troubleshooting chart
Problem Possible causes Remedy Note
Little or no vapor Low battery Recharge or replace battery First charging cycle needs to last 8 to 10 hours. After the first time, each cycle only needs 3 to 4 hours.
Not enough e-liquid Replace cartridge or refill e-liquid Try not to damage threads.
Too much e-liquid Remove redundant e-liquid: remove cartridge and use needle to stab the reset hole. Or remove cartridge and blow the reset hole. 1. Try not to replace cartridge too often.
2. Try not to fill too much e-liquid.
Contaminated battery contact point Clean the contact point between battery and indicator light Better remove the battery if not use in a long period of time
Inhale too hard If none of problems above occurs, chances are that you inhale too hard. Try not to put too much force inhaling. Inhale gently creates more vapor.
Indicator light is on all the time Electromagnetic induction switch functions slowly Knock e cigarette softly Try not to knock too hard
E cigarette remaining hot when not using Polarity reversed Connect battery polarity correctly Try not to break threads
Electromagnetic induction switch is still on. Remove battery, knock cigarette softly, and place battery back in after e cigarette cooling down If the problem isn’t solved, then we suggest depot repair.
E-liquid on battery E-liquid leakage Remove battery and clean the e-liquid inside Little leakage is acceptable. Serious leakage needs for depot repair.
Dim indicator light Low or dead battery Recharge or replace battery When indicator light on charger turns green during charging, we suggest that the charging cycle lasts for one hour more.