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Market Expansion

Highly devoted to being the top grade supplier of e cigarette in the world, we deploy our production process in compliance with highest standard. Our reputation has been built on comprehensive service and the capability to produce electronic vaping device that fits a variety of tastes. As a result, our product has been exported to America, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Norway, Poland, Korean and Malaysia, etc. This is the significant step stone for our strategic market expansion.

Moreover, longstanding partnership has been remained with many famous brands.
Premium, Wanna Vape, Eonsmoke, Cig2o, Fuma, Fifty-One and Smoketip, etc.

We are the exclusive supplier for DAVEL, the No.1 e cigarette brand in the country.

European Union:
Premium Vapes of UTVG (United Tobacco Vapor Group)

Prince phama, E-lite and Vapouriz

Red kiwi, highendsmoke

Fruity Smoke, Cigartex, Ekiff, Atelier Smoke

Prince, Smooke


E fum

RM1, Smoke Factory

E cigarette, appearing as a high-tech healthy product, is endowed with remarkable potential markets, especially in developed countries. Under the circumstance of rapid industrial development, we are eager to find appropriate sales agents to help us sell disposable e cigarette and clearomizer to America, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Poland and Spain, etc.

Based on our strong ability of innovation and new production development, we will support you with high quality and safe e cigarette product and accessory in an efficient and fast manner. We believe that a more promising future is waiting for you and us, and the only road leading to that is our cooperation.